Best Montessori School in Bijapur


Welcome to Vidhya Chethan Bal Vikas Kendra. My identify is Nirmala Pande and i am the founder of this terrific school, one of the vital nation’s first Academies. I’d like to take this possibility to inform you about our institution and the children and staff inside it. We’re especially proud of the fact that high great educating leads to fantastic growth; so a lot of our kids study faster than their peers nationally and Best Montessori School in Bijapur.

Vidhya Chethan Bal Vikas Kendra is a nearby authority school with a dedicated governing body, a head teacher, experienced completely certified teachers and instructing assistants. The nursery is on the identical campus as Colmers Farm youngster university, Colmers Farm Junior and primary school

ts from having a massive external field and spacious school rooms. The nursery is split into two units o.K.And Sycamore. Each unit is run with the aid of an experienced teacher. Employees groups work very intently together to make certain that every child’s needs are met, and that every little one can advance to their full capabilities.




While at Vidhya Vikas Bal Vikas Kendra your youngster will likely be involved in a huge variety of activities with possibilities for each ‘structured’ and ‘free’ play. All our activities have a sound educational rationale in the back of them. Unbiased learning is inspired, as is co-operation and consideration for others. Documents are saved involving each and every baby’s growth. These are available for mother and father to share and later transferred to the boy or girl school your little one goes on to attend.


At Vidhya Chethan Bal Vikas Kendra we tend to aim to:

  • Provide a secure, happy, and caring surroundings wherever your kid will learn and grow on a private basis.
  • Encourage positive attitudes to learning by establishing that it’s fun, exciting and interesting.
  • Build children’s shallowness and confidence.
  • Encourage Associate in Nursing understanding of others and their desires in spite of culture, religion, gender or in capacity.
  • Establish a firm partnership with folks and carers to encourage participation in their child’s education.

Best Montessori School in Bijapur.

What We Do ?

Vidhya Chethan Bal Vikas Kendra is committed to the standards laid down within the Early Years groundwork Stage (EYFS). It’s the statutory framework that unites the requirements that each one Early Years providers have to meet to be certain that kids learn and boost well and are kept healthful and secure. It promotes instructing and studying to ensure youngsters are capable for university and offers youngsters the large range of abilities and abilities that furnish the correct groundwork for good future growth by way of college and life.

At Vidhya Chethan Bal Vikas Kendra we make sure that each and every little one can entry all areas of the curriculum through our enabling atmosphere that entails the inside and the external to promote youngster initiated finding out by way of play. Our experienced and particularly effective staff workforce provide a nurturing environment and devise personalized studying plans for each baby to be certain every little one can reach their full advantage.



We furnish the kids with the following areas inside of:

great motor


song & movement


Sand & water

Dramatic play

Nature& science


Quiet subject

book subject

Our Vision



At Vidhya Chethan Bal Vikas Kendra we intention to furnish a glad, secure and caring surroundings which encourages Kids to flourish and develop as younger newcomers. Our Nursery environment is good resourced and stimulating, supplying a healthy weight loss program of experiences to help every youngster strengthen a lively and enquiring mind.

We purpose to help each and every little one to establish their own sense of identity and self-worth, to grow in independence and self-belief and grow to be a dependable member of our school neighborhood. Our inventive curriculum ensures that each one kids thrive and reap and we’re responsive to character wishes and pursuits by way of our steady use of statement and assessment.

We realize the invaluable position that mother and father and carers play of their youngster’s progress and we continually strive to increase a detailed relationship with our households and the broader neighborhood.

Our Mission


To offer an environment designed for young children where he/she will turn out to be a member of a neighborhood of young children, and under the steerage of a crew of experts, together with the family, having fun with experiences which must furnish a groundwork for future residing and finding out.

To provide a developmentally correct environment so designed to fulfill the bodily, mental, emotional, social and inventive needs of youngsters from 2 to 6 years of age.

To furnish a designated, inventive and revolutionary software to help the youngsters improve in these principal years.

To equip them with a constructive self-photo, a love for finding out so they are able to observe, query and respect their world – allowing them to explore their creative talents.

To provide a learning environment to help the development of the younger youngster that has started at residence with the child’s family.