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What Is A High-Quality Nursery Education?

  • It is about much more than just learning numbers and letters.
  • It is about developing the whole child – learning to be confident, sociable, independent and inquisitive. It is about having a positive attitude and forming positive relationships.
  • What your child learns at Nursery will build upon the experiences they have already gained at home. Young children learn by watching and doing, by exploring and investigating, by listening and speaking, by creating and experimenting.
  • If children learn to “have a go” they can learn from their mistakes and not be afraid to try again.
  • The education we provide is based on a philosophy of play and active learning. Play is children’s work and playing hard is very tiring.
  • We observe and assess each child carefully and record their overall development.
  • Best Nursery School in Bijapur

Kids are assessed on entry utilizing the Durham Scheme for basis Stage assessment.

This gives us a “baseline” from which events are deliberate to ensure all kids enhance at the proper fee.

Employees then consistently monitors and document your baby’s progress in their own individual document of attainment which is used to write an annual report then mentioned with you at a dad or mom’s day/evening twice a year.


The Nursery Curriculum – What Did You Do At Nursery Today?

When children make something, draw or paint you can see what they have performed but generally their play has nothing to exhibit for it. Therefore, don’t presume that they’ve not been learning whatever if they do not leave nursery with a finished product. Our displays in Nursery purpose to have fun kids’s play and provide an explanation for the learning taking location. Please consider free to seem at our displays when you carry /collect your baby.

Please do not put pressure on your baby to constantly produce some thing for you, or examine what they’ve made, as this may damage their vanity.

In the course of the nursery session youngsters are provided a free choice of pursuits both indoors and outside, anything the weather, from a balanced program. We situation a robust emphasis on studying in our out of doors atmosphere. Some hobbies shall be adult-led, and some child led. Waterproof out of doors clothing is furnished for outdoor use.

We’ve got a loved ones website designed to share normal expertise about our school lifestyles, pics of the kids having fun with a range of events, interactive video games, neighborhood events and way more. This web page is an internet based studying discipline that can handiest be accessed through dad and mom and kids from our institution with a consumer name and password. It is a comfortable discipline as long as passwords and user names are stored nontoxic. You will be issued along with your user name/password by way of October half time period. This website online also allows you to access knowledge detailing the one of a kind experiences being supplied in Nursery on a daily basis.

Each half time period you will receive a publication, that will comprise events concerning the current theme, your baby is collaborating in at nursery.

All features of kids’s progress and progress are woven collectively however they are able to be separated into 7 unique areas of studying. These areas are steady with the Early studying objectives inside the Early Years foundation Stage for 0 to 5 12 months olds. The 7 areas are cut up into three prime areas (these are the areas the children will have to in most cases develop first) and four detailed areas (these will improve as the baby grows). Under you can see a breakdown of every subject of finding out and progress.


The Prime Areas:

  1. communication and Language:

    entails giving children opportunities to experience a wealthy language environment; to develop their self-assurance and talents in expressing themselves; and to communicate and listen in a range of situations.

  2. Physical development:

    involves supplying possibilities for small children to be active and interactive; and to develop their co-ordination, manipulate and movement.  Youngsters have to also be helped to appreciate the value of physical recreation, and to make healthful choices in relation to food.

  3. Personal, social and emotional progress:

    entails  helping children to improve a constructive  sense  of  themselves  and  to others;  to  kind  constructive  relationships  and  develop  admire  for  others;  to develop social skills and study the right way to control their emotions; to understand right behaviour in companies; and to have faith of their own knowledge.

The Specific areas:

  1. Literacy:

    includes encouraging youngsters to hyperlink sounds and letters and to begin to read and write.  Kids have to take delivery of entry to a huge range of studying substances (books,   poems   and   different   written materials) to ignite their pursuits

  2. Arithmetic:

    entails providing youngsters with opportunities to increase and give a boost to their social knowledge in counting, figuring out and utilizing numbers, calculating easy addition and subtraction issues; and to describe shapes, spaces and measures.

  3. Understanding the world:

    involves  guiding  kids  to  make  feel  of  their  bodily  world  and  their neighborhood through opportunities to explore, realize and discover about men and women, areas, technology and the atmosphere.

  4. Expressive arts and design:

    involves enabling kids to discover and play with a extensive variety of media and substances, as good as supplying opportunities and encouragement for sharing their ideas, ideas and feelings through a sort of events in art, track, movement, dance, function play and design and science.
    These seven areas are used to plan your youngster’s learning and hobbies. We ensure that the events are ideal to your youngster’s specific wishes. This is a bit like a curriculum in major and Secondary faculties, however its suitable for extraordinarily babies, and its designed to be rather flexible in order that we will follow your baby’s targeted needs and pursuits.


Children at Nursery will study through taking part in and exploring, being energetic and by means of creative and primary considering which takes position each indoors and external.

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) :


Monitoring Progress of Children with SEND

We have programs in position for each and every send child to have their possess key character who will recognize them first-class and be proactive in planning for their wants, working carefully with dad and mom when doing so. Send kids are found carefully and their achievements are celebrated in their studying journal and planning report. This information is then used to tailor the curriculum to meet the pursuits of every youngster using approaches of supply which are appropriate to their needs. If there is ever proof that this isn’t happening, the SENCO will provoke coaching to task staff and permit them to provide a curriculum that ensures equality and diversity for all.

Teaching Styles :

At Vidhya Chetan Bal Vikas Kendra School we have now the identical of 5 full time teaching assistants dedicated to working with SEND children. They have a wealth of experience and have supported youngsters with a huge variety of desires.The SENCO continuously stories the qualification wishes of this staff to ensure they suit the wishes of the kids we have now in college and additional training is organized if required. This ensures that teaching patterns and approaches are suitable and up to date, enabling send children highest entry to an early years curriculum.

Furthermore, all institution employees receive expert help and coaching when there’s a need eg techniques to make use of when aiding a youngster with a hearing impairment. As a workforce we always aid each and every other and share capabilities to make sure our teaching styles can also be adapted effectively so that all children attain their full expertise.

Children with SEND are supported in a style of approaches – through one to 1 help, crew routine or entire key employee tasks. The important thing worker for each send baby will decide how day-to-day events and experiences within the curriculum will also be adjusted to make certain their youngster is completely involved at the appropriate stage.